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artificial leather

Biologically safe in compliance with

ISO 10993-5

Medical artificial leather

Materials used to manufacture products in compliance with the Medical Devices Act are subject to strict regulations and requirements. Our medical artificial leather, which can be used for the production of beds, medical upholstery or treatment chairs, passes tests under ISO 10993-5 and therefore meets the requirements for the manufacture of medical products.

  • ISO 10993-5
  • EN 1021-1:2014
  • EN 1021-2:2014
  • EN ISO 14389:2014

> 100000

Abrasion Resistance

10189 mm

Water permeability

35 N

Tear strength

30 N

Tear strength

Certified, medical artificial leather

ISO 10993-5

Our pH-neutral, medical artificial leather has passed numerous tests and is ideally suited for the manufacture of medical products. Since the medical artificial leather is free of harmful substances and meets a number of ecological requirements, it is also suitable for the use in schools, gymnasiums and daycare centres.

The medical artificial leather can also be used in intensive care and operating rooms, as it can be cleaned with conventional disinfectants and sterilisation substances.

We can also supply the medical artificial leather in a higher, monthly volume. Please use our contact form to get in touch with our sales department.

End customers can purchase the medical artificial leather in our online store at https://shop.ch-cabanski.com/kunstleder/65/medizinisches-kunstleder-biokompatibel-salzwasser-chlor-uv-bestaendig

Medizinisches Kunstleder Rot
Medizinisches Kunstleder Blau
Medizinisches Kunstleder Tannengrün
Medizinisches Kunstleder Pastelgrün
Medizinisches Kunstleder Türkisblau
Medizinisches Kunstleder Beige
Medizinisches Kunstleder Grau
Medizinisches Kunstleder Weiss
Medizinisches Kunstleder Schwarz
Medizinisches Kunstleder Blau/Raster

About us

From its beginnings until today, Ch. Cabanski has been involved in the import, export and sale of upholstery fabrics and special items of original automotive fabrics to wholesalers, commercial customers and private individuals.

The goal of our team is to satisfy you through good and comprehensive advice, fast and punctual deliveries and the consistently high quality of our goods.

We have been located in Witten for 30 years and have been known to our customers for our excellent service ever since. You too can benefit from our many years of experience!

Meets ecological requirements

  • Phthalate-free

    Phthalates are harmful plasticizers that are not used in the production of our medical artificial leathers.

  • Formaldehyde-free

    Our medical artificial leather does not contain formaldehyde, as formaldehyde is carcinogenic.

  • Free of heavy metals

    No heavy metals are used in the production of our medical artificial leather.

  • Free of allergenic and carcinogenic colorants

    The health of our fellow human beings is important to us, therefore we do not use any allergenic or carcinogenic colorants in the production of medical artificial leather.

Technical data

ISO 10993-5

Biocompatibility of medical products


EN 1021-1:2014



EN 1021-2:2014



EN ISO 13937-3:2002

Tear strength

Warp: 35.2 N
Weft: 30.5 N

EN ISO 3303-B

Bursting strength

919.3 kPa
Height at burst 11.3 mm

EN ISO 5470-2:2005

Abrasion Resistance

>100000 Cycles

BS EN ISO 105-B02:2014

Light Fastness

Colour no change

TS-477 EN 1412:2001




Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons

Not detected

EN ISO 14389:2014

Determination of phthalates

Not detected

EN ISO 811:2018

Water permeability

>10189.8 mm H₂O

EN ISO 105 C06:2010

Color Fastness to Washing

No change or slightly changed

EN ISO 105 C08:2010

Color Fastness to Washing

No change or slightly changed

EN ISO 105 C09:2001

Color Fastness to Washing against Oxidative Bleach

Slightly changed

EN ISO 105 X05:1994

Color Fastness to Dry Cleaning

No change or slightly changed

ISO 105 N01:1999

Chlorine Bleach

No change or slightly changed

ISO 105 N02:1999

Non-Chlorine Bleach

No change or slightly changed

EN ISO 105 E11:1996


No change or slightly changed

SNV 195651

Odor test

Odor weak

EN ISO 14184-1:2011

Determination of formaldehyde

Not detected


Determination of the content of organic tin compounds

Not detected

DIN 531160-1

Color fastness to salvia and perspiration

No change

EN ISO 105 E04:2013

Blood and urine test

No change

EN 16711-1:2016-019

Determination of heavy metals content

Not detected

EN ISO 105 X12:2016-08

Color fastness to dry and wet rubbing

No change

EN ISO 14362-1:2017-04

Determination of certain aromatic amines

Not detected

PB-5.2 IPS

Determination of allergenic and carcinogenic dyes

Not detected


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